Sinastria Perfeita

Levando na mala suas roupas preferidas e amuletos, deixou a casa dos pais no interior. Havia terminado o ensino médio e, diferente das amigas de escola cujos desejos consistiam em fazer uma…


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Memories Imagined and Reclaimed

Copyright by Gary Lee Pullman


The pain in her eyes hurt me.

She was so sad.

I wanted to crush her in my arms;

she was so little

she wouldn’t fit inside.

The fat man with the maggot-brain

emptied her eyes,

drank the vineyard dry.

There were green trees, green fields,

long ago and far away;

there were meadows of gold

and birds in the trees,

long ago,

when she had teeth,

when she had hair,

when she had smiling eyes

and flesh on her bones.

remember her well,

the orphan girl with the wide eyes,

blue as the skies,

Shining as the sun.

I remember her well,

the innocent girl

who was sentenced to hell.


There comes a time,

a point,



a line:

when you step past it,

you step out of space, out of time;

when you cross that line,

you surrender your heart, your soul, your mind.

You’d think

they’d mark such a place

so we’d all know to avoid it,

but they don’t;

there’s nothing there,

nothing at all

where that Cross once stood

between crosses

on a lonely,




I was once a man of simple mind,

a man of faith

who knew enough

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