When white privilege even extends to men who shoot 7 cops on a Wednesday evening

Late yesterday afternoon, at around 4pm, police officers in Florence, South Carolina went to serve a search warrant on an affluent white home there. They have not yet released the details on what the…


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Exploring Organics

The Natural Products Expo East took place in Baltimore, Maryland again this year, highlighting some of the best in organic/natural products. Since working with NPE through an associated company several years ago, I enjoy checking out the event and highlighting companies in attendance. Natural products are popular, but often underrepresented in many areas, and this Expo gives people a chance to learn about the organic options available in food, skincare, and health products.

A common thread with the majority of the food at NPE is that it’s pleasantly devoid of the types of heavy ingredients in most mainstream brands that leave one feeling sluggish. Even if an item did include sugar or a more traditional ingredient, it wasn’t overpowering. Here are a few highlights from this year’s Expo.


These little vegan cheese puffs made out of chickpeas are so delicious that they knock most regular cheese puffs out of the water. I’m not kidding — the flavor is comparable to many brands on the market, but these aren’t as heavy and have a light, satisfying crunch. And I adore most of the brands on the market now, but I’d rather have these if they’re available as an option. They’re just so good!

Bear Yo Yos

Bear Yo Yos are an all-natural fruit roll that tastes pretty good and has no additional sugar. They’re thicker than most fruit rolls on the market, and have bit of a slightly tangy bite to them. The packaging states that, even at 60 calories per pack, this isn’t really a low calorie food. Which is a good reminder, because it’s easy to forget with these and just keep on going. It’s basically fruit, right? One of the cool things about this is that there are collectible cards about different countries.

Elmhurst Clean Protein: This is billed as the cleanest protein drink in the world. Made mostly from peanuts, filtered water, and chocolate the…

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