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Set up a Salesforce sales gong using Gleebeam and Zapier

In your Gleebeam account, create a template for the notification you want to receive each time a deal is closed.

Navigate to the Sound menu in the sidebar and select the gong sound.

Click Save & Exit once you’re done to return to the templates view. We will return to Gleebeam later in the tutorial. Let’s continue by setting up Zapier.

Create a new zap in your Zapier account. Select Salesforce as the trigger app. Set the trigger event to Closed Opportunity and click Continue.

Connect to your Salesforce account.

Set the Reason to Won you’d like to track.

Proceed by clicking Continue and you’ll be asked to test the connection between Zapier and Salesforce. Do this to make sure everything is set up properly so far.

For your action app choose Webhooks by Zapier. Set POST as the action event.

In the next step, you will be asked to provide the data to send with the action event. Back in your Gleebeam account click on the template you created to view its automation data.

Copy the API URL and the JSON data to the respective form fields in Zapier as shown in the image below. Set Payload Type to “Json”.

Zapier will ask you to test the action. Once you do that you should receive the notification you created on the Gleebeam dashboard. Moreover, you should also hear a gong sound. All you now need to do is to turn on the zap and focus on selling!

Set up the Gleebeam dashboard on screens in your office for your team to celebrate whenever a sales deal is won! I hope this serves as a good automated alternative to a physical sales gong. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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