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4 Ways to Treat Your Infertility

Stop compromising your relationship

Infertility affects approximately 10–15% of couples in the USA, and the utilization of infertility treatments, such as Assisted Reproductive Technology (hereafter, ART), has increased in three decades [1]. In terms of prevalence, 1.8% of all infants in the United States are born to mothers who received ART. Among ART’s structural challenges is limited financial resources for couples with infertility. A study found that states that have mandated some insurance coverage for ART had higher overall rates of ART use [2].

ART refers to the techniques that are used to treat infertility. This treatment covers a broad spectrum of procedures depending upon the cause of infertility. The following is the list of these treatment techniques:

§ In-vitro (IVF)

§ artificial insemination (AI-IUI)

§ frozen embryo transfer (FET)

§ gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT)


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