The Seven Steps of Digital Storytelling

The first step of digital storytelling, owning your insights, means finding the meaning behind the story you are telling. You want to think about why you are telling the story and what you want the…


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The 1 thing you need to create passive income that pays.

Passive income is the dream, right? Sit back and watch the money roll in. Wake up to sales that require you to do 0, nothing, na da.

Every time I open Medium or Facebook for that matter I’m bombarded with articles about how to improve your writing to make more $$$ or how great passive income is and here’s how so and so did it and now they are making bank.

“I wrote an ebook and now make millions in my sleep”

“I made $2,700 on my week off doing nothing”

etc. etc. etc.

The two most passive income streams I’ve seen are investments, which require you to have money to invest in, or real estate but only if you own the property outright.

Investments are great as a passive income they can grow massively over years and pay dividends but to be honest it takes money to have an investment portfolio. For the most part, if you’re looking for passive income or new income streams investments possibly aren’t super accessible because they require money at the start.

Real Estate is similar, I could be biased as I live in a place where the medium house price is about $1.5million for a normal smallish sized home. But unless you own the property outright and make a rental income from it, it’s more of a liability. You’ve got to service the mortgage, pay agents, upkeep etc. Is it a good way to make money, sure if you buy in the right place and are great at flipping houses for money go to it! But again it requires money upfront.

All the other ways I’ve seen people sell “passive income” are things like

and while some of these seem passive some are clearly not, in fact, most if not all are not passive.

Let’s break it down into the least passive

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